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Shortly before Christmas day in 1854, Harriet Tubman discovered that her brothers, enslaved in Maryland, were to be sold at auction on December 26th. She knew this was her last chance to help them escape before the stakes became too high. With a steely determination, she went back to Maryland, to the plantation where she had once been enslaved. On December 29th, she, her brothers and several others walked safely into William Still’s Anti-Slavery office in Philadelphia. Knowing that the punishment for getting caught could be death, just how did they escape? Before modern methods of communication, how did Harriet inform her brothers of her secret plans?

Go Tell It! tells both the story of this harrowing escape and a larger one as well; that of communication along the Underground Railroad through song. Come witness how the coded messages in African American Spirituals were used to communicate escape plans.

Join the Go Tell It! cast on a magical journey through time. Told through Spirituals, lyrical and traditional West African dance and drumming, meet the people who had the courage and faith to trust Harriet Tubman to guide them safely to the Promised Land. Witness a story of unshakable faith, unwavering determination, and an uncompromising commitment to freedom, and leave feeling inspired and uplifted!

Listen to the following interview to learn more about the show!

Interview With Taiwo Kujichagulia-Seitu
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